Security Policy Management

A Security Policy is the most basic indicator of an organisation's commitment to information security and will send the right message, regarding a security-awareness culture, to customers, shareholders and employees.

Our Information Assurance Consultants will:

  • Review your Security Policy.
  • Asses it against industry standards.
  • Assess its effectiveness within your business environment.
  • Assess its content and implementation to identify any weaknesses.
  • Clarify objectives and prioritise vulnerabilities to allow the most business critical to be addressed.

Where no Security Policy exists they will work with IT managers and other stakeholders to:

  • Create a standards compliant program of security awareness.
  • Develop a dynamic policy that encompassing requirements, assumptions and responsibilities.
  • Ensure that employees are aware of their statutory, legal and contractual requirements.
  • Include  instruction on how to implement legislation around Data Protection, Privacy of Personal Information, Computer Misuse, Software Copyright and Intellectual Property.
  • Determine the impact of these threats on an otherwise secure network. 

Each risk is assessed and a cost effective solution proposed to restore the system integrity.  We offer proactive risk management with the objective of protecting information, assets and business reputation.

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