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Lumension delivers proven and award-winning solutions that include Vulnerability Management, Endpoint Protection, Anti-Virus and Reporting and Compliance. 

Lumension Security, Inc., a global leader in endpoint management and security, develops, integrates and markets security software solutions that help businesses protect their vital information and manage critical risk across network and endpoint assets. Lumension is known for providing world-class customer support and services 24x7, 365 days a year. 

2014 State of the Endpoint Study

Research for the 2014 State of the Endpoint study was conducted by the Ponemon Institute and commissioned by Lumension in late 2013. According to the study, 71 percent of organisations say endpoint security threats have become more difficult to mitigate in the past two years. That’s no surprise to security and forensics expert Paul Henry. “Malware is still with us,” he says. “We still have nagging problems with thirdparty

software vulnerabilities. Add to that mobile devices, cloud computing and advanced persistent threats, and it’s no wonder companies have a hard time keeping up.” 

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Advanced Persistent Threats

According to the study second only to mobile devices are concerns about APTs. Thirty-nine percent of organizations are now most worried about targeted attacks, almost triple the number who said so in 2009.

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Weaponised malware

Weaponised malware combined with advanced persistent threats pose a daunting security challenge for organizations. Here's how weaponised malware works - and how a defence-in-depth approach to endpoint security can give you the upper hand. Download our whitepaper that exams how a layered approach can help defend your network.

Preventing Weaponized Malware Payloads in 
Advanced Persistent Threats
Strategies for Layered Endpoint Defense Against the APT Kill Chain

Preventing Weaponized Malware Payloads in Advanced Persistent Threats

Strategies for Layered Endpoint Defense Against the APT Kill Chain

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