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Blackthorn Technologies (formerly QCC Information Security) founded in 1996 is recognised as a pioneer in providing digital forensics and governance, risk and compliance services and solutions. Working across the public and private sectors, our services provide the tools practitioners need to help them manage and control risk effectively, providing full assurance to the Board. As a standard setter Blackthorn ensures all our products and services comply with the latest changes in legislation and ensures we react to any emerging changes in policy and compliance so that we can keep our customers up to date, and maintain their integrity. 
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Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/blackthorn-technologies

Twitter: www.twitter.com/blackthorn_tech

Website: www.blackthorn.com

Areas of Interest

1) Blackthorn governance, risk and compliance solutions. Our eGRC platform identifies, quantifies and assesses risk, while coordinating and controlling all legal compliance, regulatory compliance, and audit activities. 

2) Digital Investigations including computer forensics, mobile forensics, cell site analysis, e-discovery, search & seizure and expert witness services. We have a central London, purpose built, hi-tech lab where our highly accredited specialists complete digital investigations for a number of law enforcement agencies, corporate and public sector customers on a daily basis. 

3) Risk Consulting consists of of our Risk Intelligence suite of services including cyber risk reviews, targeted risk assessments using quantitative methodology, FAIR and other GRC consulting appointments using OCEG Red Book and ISO 31000 as a solid basis for our tailored risk advisory. 

4) Cyber Incident Response consists of our security incident management preparation, planning and training as well as our "First Response" suite of services helping organisations respond effectively to a cyber-breach. 

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