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Team Overview

SBL have a dedicated NHS team, consisting of internal and external account managers backed up by a large support network. The NHS team also has dedicated Microsoft specialists who are able to offer exceptional advice on the technology as well as the often complex licensing options.

SBL has an outstanding pedigree delivering value to our existing NHS customers. SBL engages with many areas of an NHS organisations to understand the complex needs of each customer. An example would be our engagement with procurement and supplies departments to ensure they have a compliant and competitive route to procure day to day software, in addition to larger and more complicated projects. SBL also has direct engagements with IT departments to advocate and promote the latest technologies. SBL works with organisations to manage the project from its inception through to deployment and support. These projects allow SBL customers to meet the challenges of today's NHS.


Following the end of the McAfee Safeboot agreement with the NHS, SBL's NHS Team are helping our customers choose the encryption solution that is right for them.Whether that be continuing with the McAfee solution, or looking to swap out to PGP or CheckPoint, SBL has expertise to discuss which solution best fits with each individual customer.

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SBL are an Authorised Apple Reseller, which means SBL can now offer Apple solutions to our NHS customers. 

Numerous Trusts are currently piloting iPad with the help of SBL’s dedicated NHS team, alongside this the NHS Team offer solutions to both secure and integrate iPad into your account, this has been taken up by over 20 Trusts so far, with pilots coming together for many more. 

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SBL's NHS Team have helped numerous Trusts reach compliancy with Microsoft following the end of the central EWA agreement with Microsoft. With our extensive Microsoft expertise, we have given our customers different options going forward to let them decide the cheapest way of reaching compliancy. Alongside this, to maintain compliancy moving forward, we have deployed numerous Software Asset Management solutions to Trusts.

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