Big Data in Cyber Security



Craiglockhart Campus
Edinburgh Napier University
219 Colinton Road
EH14 1DJ



The world is moving towards Big Data, with Cyber Security and the tracking of network events one of its leading applications. Threats to organisations increase by the day, and many have responded by moving towards the integration of SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) to detect malicious activity.

The Big Data in Cyber Security Conference was hosted by The Cyber Academy, in collaboration with SCISA NEXUS and SBL, and investigated best practice in industry and looked to future Big Data infrastructures for the benefit of organisations in monitoring security events, and in automated generation of audit information and business analytics.

The one day event brought together industry, academia and law enforcement to share insights, ideas, expertise and resources in responding to current security challenges, and in particular looked at the opportunities and challenges in managing and using big data in a cyber-security context.

SBL were proud to be the principal sponsor of this event and were delighted to have Professor Colin Williams presenting "Beyond The Network; Beyond The Human: Welcome (Back) To The Intergalactic Computer Network".


The agenda was action packed including live links to Canada! 

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