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CyberTalk Issue 10

The End is Nigh AI

Hello Reader... You are human. It is impossible for it to be otherwise. If otherwise, you would not be a "you". You would be an "it" or a "thing". Intrinsically incapable of reading.
Reading is about the creation of meaning. Meaning belongs to humans. A scanner will recognise and transcode patterns, but it does not apprehend meaning. Sense making is a human monopoly.
The exclusively human self-conscious act of volition to think about thinking means we use the thing that we are thinking about to do the thinking about the think that we are thinking about; I think.
Imagine using the thing that we use to do the thinking about thinking to make a thinking machine. What if the machine started thinking about thinking, and started to think about how the other beings in the world that use the thing that they think about to think about thinking, think...
...what if it became a "you"?

In the latest issue of CyberTalk we explore themes surrounding cyber security and including AI and "beyond human." Is the end really AI? 
In Car Wars, a work of specualtive fiction, author Cory Doctorow takes us into a near future where the roads are solely populated by self-driving cars. He presents a number of ethical dilemmas that Deakin's School of Information Technology is already exploring as we motor towards a world where these scenarios are a frighteningly real possibility.
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Feature Article

Swarm Intelligence & Cyber Security
Dr. Felix Hovsepian Ph.D

"Biologically inspired Artificial Intelligence is a vibrant and exciting field of study, and in the late 1980s the concept of Swarm Intelligence1 emerged as a prominent sub-field. Swarm intelligence derives its inspiration from the collective behaviour of a large number of individual (intelligent) agents that interact locally with one another and with their environment - moreover, it is through this collaboration that they achieve a common goal." 

Felix's article introduces the exciting area of research know as Biologically inspired Artifical Intelligence, and Swarm Intelligence in particular. Some interesting developments have taken place in the last couple of decades which have the potential to be of immense benefit to humanity. 

"As with any kind of very advanced technology, swarm intelligence has its dark side, when combined with drone technology it becomes a lethal combination. This combination is so troubling to distinguished AI researchers all over the globe that they have produced a short fictional video2 about AI-powered weapons in an attempt to convey the dangers that such entities will pose for humanity." 

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1 "Swarm Intelligence in Cellular Robotic Systems", Gerado Beni & Jing Wang, https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-642-58069-7_38 
2 "This fictional video about AI-powered weapons makes The Terminator looks like a Disney film", https://thenextweb.com/artificial-intelligence/2017/11/14/this-fictional-video-about-ai-powered-weapons-makes-the-terminator-look-like-a-disney-film/

About the Author:

Dr. Felix Hovsepian is a consulting CTO with a focus on R&D and AI. He holds degrees in mathematics, systems engineering and a PhD in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence), and has spent more than a decade as a Professor of Informatics at Western International University.

Felix has spent much of career designing and building systems for business sectors that are typically regulated; these include, enterprise-level document imaging and management systems, as well as x-ray imaging systems, control system for electric vehicles, software for the legal industry as well as eLearning systems. In 1992, he led a team of researchers that developed a biometric system, which won an award for innovation from the British government.

Felix began his career as a management consultant, returning to academia for graduate education and research – including two Research Fellowships in AI. He returned to the commercial sector in 1992, rising through the ranks to become a CTO in 2000, as well as being an advisor to C-level stakeholders.

He recently co-authored a book entitled, “The 4th Industrial Revolution: Responding to the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Business”, published by Springer in December 2017 – this is complemented by his various engagements as a speaker.

Felix Hovsepian is a Keynote Speaker at CSP:2018, presenting Morphogenesis, self-replication, swarms & cyber security on Thursday 29th November.

Find out more about this free event for cyber security professionals, taking place in York on Wednesday & Thursday 28-29 November, at www.softbox.co.uk/csp2018


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