CSP 2018: Beyond Human, Society, Security and Cyber in a Post-Truth World

Do you feel like your voice is NOT heard?

Do you want to have an input on information security and cyber related topics?

CSP:2018 could just be the event you have been looking for.

Fully funded by partners/sponsors, this event will be FREE for delegates to attend and will continue to provide an open platform for stimulating and productive collaboration where everyone attending will have equality of voice; there will be no discrimination between vendors, customers, sponsors or academics, as everyone is a participant.

CSP:2018 will focus on a future in which AI co-exists with humans as an active and autonomous agent in increasingly complex and interconnected systems.

There is no previous evidence or experience on which to base predictions, yet our customer’s fears are no longer the exclusive preserve of the science fiction films they watch and the stories they read. The speculations around AI are no longer abstract, they have become concrete questions about lives and livelihoods and already the use of AI is very close to being a matter of life and death for some.

This years’ two-day agenda leans heavily towards round table discussions where new, fresh and challenging thinking is encouraged. Participants can expect to join in topical discussions led by thought leaders, innovators and peers.

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