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Day 1 Session 1 Workshop 1

Local Tactical Response to National Cyber Security Strategy
Mark Brett, Programme Director NLA WARP; and
What I Learned from an Ugly, Crazy Robot
Bruce Thomson, ICT Security Manager, LB Hillingdon

An audio recording of this workshop is available to eligible public sector cyber security professionals upon request. Please email

Local Tactical Response to National Cyber Security Strategy
The government Cyber Security strategy has laid out the high level aspirations for protecting the UK, what does this mean at a local level? Where do you start and what should you be concentrating on? Using the Local Public Services Data Handling Guidelines and the NLAWARP Cyber Exploration Framework (NCEF), this workshop discussed how GDPR, Cloud Computing, PSN Compliance and the LGA Secure email guidance can all contribute to a local tactical response, giving actionable takeaways.

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What I Learned from an Ugly, Crazy Robot
Since the launch of his digital certificate scanner in Nov 2016, Bruce has discovered, and learned much - which he shared...

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Day 1 Session 1 Workshop 2

Cloud Security Principles
Colin Robbins, Innovation Director, Nexor

The commercial imperative to use cloud services is ever increasing. Security concerns, once a show stopper, should no longer be the barrier. It has been reported that ‘cloud security’ is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. How can something that is abstract, ephemeral and cannot be touched by its users be trusted or secure? Of course, the cloud does exist in physical terms. The files, data and information are simply stored, accessed and moved around on other people’s computers. Even so, the question remains: can this ever be trusted or secure?

This workshop explored the key concepts in cloud security;
the shared responsibility model,
the data lifecycle, and

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Day 1 Session 1 Workshop 3

Cyber - Threat, Risk and Harm
DCI Vanessa Smith, Yorkshire & Humber Regional Cyber Crime Unit

Cyber-crime is a growing threat to UK public, business and government with claims for data breaches by business being made at a rate of more than one per day as reported by the CFC. The Federation of Small Businesses reported the cost of attacks was around £5.26 billion to the UK economy.

The aims and objectives of this workshop were to raise cyber awareness built around the 10 steps to cyber security and to drive innovation and creativity to find effective and efficient methods to protect businesses and pursue cyber criminals, and to promote the CiSP network and membership.

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Day 1 Session 1 Workshop 4

Cognitive Hacking and Weaponised Information
Dr. Char Sample, Research Fellow ICF, US Army Research Laboratory, and University of Warwick

The events of 2016 created a growing concern over the weaponisation of information. Weaponised information is actually a symptom of a larger problem, namely, data fidelity. This group of researchers began considering the impact and issues that associate with data fidelity in cyber security.

Presently, a fundamental universal assumption existing in cyber security solutions is that the entered data being secured is an accurate, faithful representation of the actual events that are occurring in the real world. This assumption of data fidelity is present in every major cyber security product. This work-in-progress paper acknowledges the data fidelity problem, by providing a model that couples the data object with the environment in an attempt to reduce the potential for weaponised information, thereby improving data fidelity.

This fascinating discussion detailed that difference between weaponised information and propaganda, then discussed the role of WI (weaponised information) in support of cognitive hacking along with methods of countering both CH (cognitive hacking) and WI.

  • Paper: Data Fidelity: Security's Soft Underbelly - Dr. Char Sample, Steve Hutchinson and Dr. Jennifer Cowley, ICF at The US Army Research Laboratory and Professor Tim Watson, Professor Carsten Maple and Bill Hallaq, Cyber Security Centre, University of Warwick
  • Download the slide deck

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